from the homepage use the search bar to locate healers near you.  if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for and are in more of a browsing mood, use the healing icons on this page to explore the healing categories represented.  listen to your body & check in with your spirit – if you feel a spark, trust yourself and explore it. review the healer profiles that resonate and contact them when you’re ready.  we’ve put together a list of questions below that you might consider asking to explore fit.

no!  accessing the directory is completely free.  stop by as often as you’d like. we are here for you.

we are on a mission to become the gathering place for healers of color across modalities and the communities in which they serve.  we recognize that part of the healing is in trusting our intuition and in making informed healing choices. do your research and consider asking potential healers for a consultation to explore fit.  below is a list of questions that you are encouraged to ask.

can you tell me about your approach to healing?

do you have any areas of specialty?

what’s your experience working with issues/needs similar to mine?

are there any negative side effects to your healing approach?

do you have any trauma informed practices?

would you consider yourself/healing space lgbtqia+ inclusive?

this is an old school value for a new school movement.  since kindred medicine does not employ a vetting process to create a profile, we are asking that all healers practice the values of honesty & integrity in the ways they represent themselves, modalities, and scope of practice.  we are boldly and unapologetically defining this space for healers/people of color and urgently request that that is respected.

the beautiful thing about starting a movement is that we don’t know where it will take us.  we are fully embracing these unknowns. we encourage you to support these intentions by sharing with loved ones/communities and your favorite healers of color.  we look forward to hearing your amazing stories of healing and beyond. you can also lift up our intentions by offering financial support.  potential funders should note that kindred medicine is not a non-profit organization and is inviting a practice of offering vs donating, as we believe this is a part of the work.  to offer + give, to share your $ power with no expectation of personal benefit.  the is the progress we are holding space for.  additionally, funders should not expect documentation for tax exemption as we are not registered as a non-profit organization.  offerings can be lovingly sent via cashapp | $kindredmedicine or paypal  

please get acquainted with kindred medicine’s terms & conditions and privacy policy to ensure responsible use of the directory.  stay close via social media platforms as we grow in community and solidarity.

kindred medicine upholds the value of holistic healing – mind, body, heart, & spirit for the self and on the community level.  one of the ways in which our healing has been disrupted is through the message/conditioning that we have to compete with one another to survive.  kindred medicine is taking a stance against the energy of competition and instead sparking liberation by joining together.  we understand that there is likely to be some overlap in practitioners given the nature of holistic healing and multi-credentialed providers. kindred medicine uplifts the abundant resources available for mental health needs specifically including including therapy for black girls, latinx therapy, melanin & mental health, therapy for latinx and nqttcn. keep us posted on any aligned mental health resources we’re missing out on!