Soul Liberation Coaching is a Multi-dimensional/modality approach for deep transformation.

You are a kaleidoscope; all the histories, experiences, belief systems and conditionings creates ‘who you are’ today.  In our sessions, we  use multi-modality & multi-dimensional healing approach to work with ALL of who you are; you will re-discover/ remember who you are beyond what the society expects you to be.

The modalities being utilized during our sessions include:

  • Energy healing
  • Flower essence therapy
  • Indigenous/earth-based practices
  • Liberation principles

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Additional Details

  • Ayurvedic Medicine - Dr. Naina Marballi, Medicine Way - Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman, Spiritual Herbalism - Karen Rose, Integral Yoga Institute, Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl, Flower Essence Therapy - Flower Essence Society & Lindsay Fauntleroy
  • soulflowermedicine@gmail.com
  • She/They
  • English/ Japanese