I am offering soothsaying and claircognizant readings with and without cards as a primary divination tool. Cards are best for questions or a general lack of clarity. Soothsaying guidance is better for if you need my advice on a certain subject that you are wanting to address with more authority (dreaming, family concerns, words, tarot, etc.)

The 55 | The fewest cards. Good for giving direction on one topic or helping you differentiate between the significance of two different things.

The 77 | We talk, primarily, on whatever subject is most pressing to you at that moment. I may pull cards, but mostly I directly channel advice. (Also recorded)

The 99 | A medium amount of cards. Good for when you have 2 or 3 topics to address and you are seeking overall clarity on those topics rather than trying to make a decision on them at this point. The reading will likely point you in a direction.

The 133 | “WTF is even happening” is how I generally characterize this reading from a question or concern perspective. BUT this is also my “Annual Checkup” reading and is great to do every 6 months to a year unless something drastic in your life changes things up!


Q What is your reading style?

I read in a "deluge" style where I deliver a lot of information at once. All readings, whether via live chat or otherwise, are recorded via audio and sent to you afterwards with photos of your cards. 

I am also known for giving people "the reading they need, not necessarily the reading they want" because of my straightforward, honest and humorous divination style.

Q Which reading should I get?

The more confused you are the bigger/longer the reading should be. Ex:

- 1 or 2 questions (get the $55 reading)
- More than 3-4 questions or areas of concern (get the $99 reading)
- All the questions and/or you are just totally confused (get the $133 reading)
- If you just need to pick my brain because you need my advice (get the $77 reading)

Additional Details

  • Claircognizant Soothsayer
  • sanyu@sanyuestelle.com
  • She/Her, They/Them
  • English