Noelle, the Vibe-ologist!

Your life is so interesting and beautiful. If you disagree, let me show you! As a professional Astrologer, I am called to share my healing artistry with the collective. I get a sense of fulfillment when helping people through astrology. A lot of people do astrology, but here, I do it for family and for spirit. And of course, I do it for the culture! Here is a list of services I often provide: 

  • New or Full Moon Custom Horoscopes 
  • Birth Chart Introduction Consultation 
  • Follow-up Consultations 
  • Sidereal Chart Reports 
  • Family Readings
  • Astrology for Parenting (Child’s Reading)


Q How can astrology help me heal?

When we look at your birth chart, we're looking at the map of your energy on this plane - what you agreed upon before incarnating. This knowledge will help you feel more at ease as you encounter the challenges that are uniquely positioned on your personal path.

Q What is sidereal astrology?

Sidereal is a way to calculate the position of the stars based on the original source of information (the sky), and not pre-calculated positions (which is a way to describe Tropical astrology, the system most people start with). Sidereal calculations account for the movement of not only the Earth but also the Sun and our entire universe. When I compare clients’ Tropical and Sidereal charts, I see how the same information is there, just arranged a bit differently. In my readings, I focus on planetary rulers, elements, and aspects. Oftentimes, when I look at people’s charts in both systems, I see a planetary aspect that was more important to look at anyway. So, "sidereal" is a technical term but the reading is all about you no matter how you slice it ;)

Q What is your lineage?

One of my parents was born in Cuba and the other one’s family originated in Mt. Gilead, North Carolina. The Kemetic ancestors and their Atlantean and even more ancient predecessors urge me to do this work. I have big motivational fire energy in my birth chart; the air in the chart fuels it with intellectualism and the emotional and intuitive waters in the chart are boiled by it. Grounding is something I must constantly work on, so my spiritual hygiene regimen is of the utmost importance. I look forward to working with you!!

Additional Details

  • noelle@noellethevibe.com
  • She/Her
  • English
  • Sidereal Astrology, Psychology PhD Candidate