Peace + Blessings.

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i live for this work of radical self-reflection and i love making space for others to do so for themselves. It’s an honor and a gift for me to witness one’s complexity, wisdom and courage.

As a South Asian immigrant from South Africa, i have deep compassion for people of indigenous and ethnic diasporas; people who experience loss or separation from their/our ancestral lands, people who have a confusing, even painful mix of identities, people who hear the urgent call to resurge and express what lives deep within them. i believe in my full body that we can reclaim ourselves through our own inherently-creative capacities.

Combining my clinical experience with personal lessons in self-realization and deep transformation, i invite you to sit, connect and express in a safe, nonjudgmental and growth-inducing space.

i specifically collaborate with self-identified womxn and womxn of color who desire to:

  • Deepen confidence and self-awareness through creativity
  • Relieve feelings of depression, anxiety, or overwhelming emotion
  • Increase self-acceptance and compassion
  • Have support and encouragement during challenging life transitions
  • Resurge ancestral and intuitive wisdom
  • Gain awareness and power in multifaceted, perhaps paradoxical, identities
  • Bolster voice and belonging in the face of imposter syndrome
  • Reclaim clarity and life purpose

Together, we leverage tools in:

  • Intention-setting and accountability
  • Mindfulness / slowing down with present awareness
  • Meditation / relaxing the body and mind
  • Expressive arts (writing, movement, drawing, singing)
  • Affirmation practice
  • Ritual and ceremony
  • Somatic practices and body intelligence
  • The psychological frameworks of family systems and attachment theory, existential therapy, somatics, CBT, Jungian psychology like inner child and shadow work, decolonization/resurgence work, all with a strengths-based approach

Let’s connect more to see how this could be a dreamy collaboration for your wellness.

If working together is aligned, we’d schedule 2 to 4 sessions a month for 3 to 6 months to start. We meet for ~55-60 minutes via Zoom Digital Conferencing.

Sessions are offered on a 4-tier sliding scale: $95 (waitlisted), $115, $135 or $145 per session

Find abundant resources online and on instagram

Additional Details

  • chetna@mosaiceyeunfolding.com
  • she/her/hers
  • English
  • MA Counseling Psychology, Mindful Self-Compassion, Power of Awareness