Hello, My name is Michelle.
I am a Primordial Siren and Vibrational Alchemist. I provide energetic cleansing and healing services via Reiki, Sound Baths, Guided Meditations, and Circular Breathwork. I am absolutely committed to sharing my story in order to help others heal and walk in their truth and purpose.


Q What is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique that focuses on channeling and directing energy into one’s subtle body to promote healing (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically).
During the session, energy is cleared and moved throughout the body and aura to aide the subtle body.

Q What Is Circular Breathwork?

Circular Breathwork is a modality used increase spiritual awareness, increase energy and vitality, unearth and clear old traumas, and relieve stress. This technique connects both phases of the breath and is different than breathwork that is used during yoga.

Q Can you describe your meditation services?

My Meditation services are reiki infused and done to help you attain vibrational alignment (as with my other services). A session can be done either in person or online.
If desired, you can also get a personalized meditation, written and recorded just for you. This would be provided via an unlisted YouTube Link.

Q Tell us more about you

I was born to Jamaican parents and grew up with a strong sense of culture and creativity. Music and writing became threaded into my being, and I started using them both as release mechanisms at a very young age. I wrote my first song when I was in fourth grade, and started journaling in high school. Writing was freedom, and my thoughts came out in the forms of poems and songs.
At the age of nineteen, I became pregnant with my son and decided to get my act together. After having him, I got serious about work and ended up attaining a degree in respiratory therapy. Still having a sense of balance, I was able to continue writing. In 2008 an opportunity presented itself, and I got to write and record songs regularly.
As time went on, balancing passion and responsibility got harder. Life kept happening. I had beautiful baby girl, and, with two kids and two jobs, I couldn’t make time for those creative things anymore. When I started missing it, I'd turn to journaling with hopes of gaining a semblance of that familiar freedom. Yet, I couldn’t stick with it. I wanted to write; I wanted to sing; but was so blocked, and so uninspired, my pages remained blank.
After years of pain, self-sabotage, and self-loathing, I reached my breaking point. One day, following a three-hour emotional breakdown, I decided it was time for a, much needed, change. I'd lost myself, dimmed my light, hindered my power, and it was heartbreaking. I turned my lens inward and started doing some serious work on self. Therapy became a vital outlet. The more I was able to tell my truth in that safe space, the more I wanted to improve. The more I improved, the more she got to know myself again. Being able to find my voice, allowed me to become better in her everyday roles of mother, sister, and daughter. Gaining more control, I started meditating every day, dove deep into my spirituality, and was able to reclaim my freedom. My unwavering sense of compassion for people has stemmed from that freedom. With the discovery of writing meditations, the blocks I had started to melt away, and my creative juices were able to freely flow again. Through my healing, I've learned to detach from my pain. Feeling inspired to help others do the same, I have vowed to walk in my purpose of helping heal the world, and bring awareness/access to healing to melanated communities
With a heart from, of, and for the universe, I share my gifts with charismatic consciousness. Having loving compassion for all living beings, I have the ability to meet everyone where they are, while helping them believe in a silver line; mainly, because I believe there always is one. My mission is to create work focused on mindfulness, open mindedness, and relatability to create vibrational alignment. I am intentional about sharing my story, from fall to rise, so that others may be inspired to become transparent, heal, and blaze a trail through their pain.
I actively practice and receive all the services I offer. I believe in each modality. I believe in each technique. They've blessed me, and will bless anyone open to participate in them.

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