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Dance/Movement Psychotherapy

Hi! I’m Jennifer. I help women who are living with depression feel more vital, well, and whole. As a registered dance/movement psychotherapist and holistic nutritionist, I address depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns using a combination of body-based creative expression, mindfulness practices, and evidence-based behavioral techniques (like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy).
I am a Health at Every Size Practitioner and I believe that there is no right way to heal. I have found, however, that addressing mental health in a holistic manner is the most effective route to healing. Holistic (meaning WHOLE PERSON) and body centered (BODYFUL) — food, movement, supplements and medication (when needed), and therapy.


Q Do I need to be a dancer to see a dance/movement psychotherapist?

No. The only requirement is that you are human and interested in exploring the ways in which your body interacts and responds to your emotions and life situations.

Q Do you take insurance?

Currently therapy sessions are offered on a sliding scale, $100-175 per 45 minute session.

Q What is the difference between dance/movement psychotherapy and taking a dance class?

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy (DMT) is facilitated by an individual who is registered or board certified through the American Dance Therapy Association, and also possesses a license to practice in the state in which they reside.

Similar to talk therapy, DMT focuses on behavioral and psychological goals as they relate to mental health, rather than movement goals alone. It is also is grounded in theoretical frameworks, like cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, person-centered, and psychoanalytic theories.

Q I would like to try group therapy, is that an option?

We don't have a group therapy option at this time, but Bodyful Healing does offer a "pay what you can" monthly mental health support group. The next one is July 29, 2020 @ 7pm EST. More information here: https://buff.ly/3gWLu89

Bodyful Healing also offers group support in our Expressive Movement Support Circle that runs every other month. The next one begins August 13th. More information here: https://buff.ly/2CrS3R7

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  • R-DMT, LCAT-lp (NYS)