Intuitive Expressive Arts

I am a facilitator of the creative process. I create spaces for individuals from all walks of life to tell their story using non-verbal tools. Color, texture, shape, movement and energy all come together to tell your story of past, present or future. My aim is to place each individual at the center of their experience. My practice is trauma-informed; each individual’s safety and comfort is my priority. I weave in breath work, visualization and movement/expression to allow participants to become in tune with their inner knowing/intuition and express without judgement or expectations.

  Creative Expression through color, texture, shape and abstraction is a universal language that is available to all. There are many ways to explore your creativity and visual arts is one of them. Artistic expression is not reserved for those with special talents or abilities. Using creativity as a tool to communicate and tell a story can be a powerful and healing experience.

   Some benefits of conscious creativity include helping to identifying and label feelings, increased relaxation and stress relief, and opportunities for problem solving and innovative thinking. For many participants, the creative process allows them to practice letting go of the need to be perfect and creates an opportunity to access subconscious thoughts and ideas. It can be a meditative process and the tactile nature of the practice encourages awareness of the body and sensations. Coupled with movement, creative expression can allow for a release of stuck energy and assist with gently pushing through barriers in different layers of the self.


Q Do I have to be an artist to participate in a session?

Absolutely not! Everyone is creative in their own way and we all have so much to express. You take the lead and I will guide you through the process. We'll place emphasis on the process and not so much the finished product though both are meaningful.

Q Do you do sessions in groups or one on one?

Both. There is a beautiful thing about creating community and connecting through shared experience so I encourage groups of 3 or more. One on one sessions give us the opportunity to perhaps explore more and go a little deeper.

Q I am nervous about creating art. Can I participate at my own comfort level?

Absolutely. You are in complete control of your experience. I will be there to gently guide you through the process and there will always be many options.

Q Do you provide other creative facilitation besides visual art?

Yes. Creativity comes in many forms. Before our session I will connect with to get a sense of what your creative preference is and tailor the session to your needs.

Q What is the structure of your sessions?

That depends on your comfort level and what you feel you need. Sometimes structure can be helpful to provide predictability. On the other hand, a loose structure can leave room for improvising. I will connect with you before our session to gain a better idea of what it might look like for you.

Additional Details

  • mrs.eve.andry@gmail.com
  • English, Spanish
  • Art 4 Healing Certified, 500 RYT, Social Emotional Arts Certified, TRE and Neurogenic Yoga Trained