All services focus on the wisdom of the body, as the body is the place of learning, action, and change.  I offer individual spiritual coaching sessions through personalized self-care prescriptions that cultivate healing and care.

IHP (InHer Power) uses somatic methodology, practices, and principles in conjunction with bodywork, sound baths, reiki, polarity therapy, crystal energy work, and journaling.  My commitments are grounded in the understanding of the history that has shaped your present self, honoring your whole being and taping into your life’s energy, joy, and resilience. As a Queer Women of Color, I hold space for those of us who live an intersectional life including all sexual orientations, gender identities, body sizes, and folks living with disabilities.

In addition to coaching, I also facilitate various healing retreats for individuals, couples, community care, families, and leaders.  Each curated type of retreat provides an opportunity for attendees to connect and heal with others who face common challenges.


Q What do you specialize in?

My work consists mostly of energy and how to move it through the body in ways that optimize health and wellness. The types of healing modalities I use to move energy consist of sound baths, polarity, reiki, and crystals

Additional Details

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