The Alchemy of Trauma

“An embodied approach to healing and growth that gently weaves elements of the mind and body, nurturing resilience while reconnecting with the innate wisdom of our body”

Trauma-Informed Embodiment Coaching

I support folks through a trauma-informed lens while working toward cultivating resilience and growth. Together, we navigate the nuances of trauma, both personal and collective, while using mind-body integrative practices to awaken innate self-healing and empowering tools.

We will tend to feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, unworthiness. We may address burnout and compassion fatigue. We will make room for it all, creating space for all of you to exist, to shine, and to thrive.

Guided by the ancient healing practices and art form of yoga and informed by neuroscience, psychology, and social justice, and most importantly radical self-compassion we will redefine your relationship with stress both past and present.

Together we create new avenues that cultivate safety and trust in your body while fueling motivation.

Integrative Modality

‘Top-down’ practices explore how the mind informs actions and ‘bottom-up’ delves into how the body informs the mind. By weaving elements of both top-down and bottom-up approaches to healing, we create room for the integration of mind & body.

Embodiment is rooted in the understanding that our bodily experiences inform and shape our emotional processing. The body can be used as a tool to support us in understanding our emotional processes.

Trauma-informed care prioritizes your lived experiences, as an individual and in relation to your outside world. We will gently delve into understanding your unique nervous system and its’ response to traumatic stress.

Your body will become your friend and messenger, as you re-establish trust and safety within while creating cognitive shifts and implementing supportive self-care rituals and behavioral changes.

In time you will establish a deeper connection with your body.

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Areas of Specialty:

  • Survivors of trauma 
  • Caregiver Stress (birth workers, parents, nurses/medical professionals, teachers)
  • Birthing folks with a history of sexual assault or birth trauma.
  • Womxn living with chronic vulvar pain such as Lichen Sclerosus, Vaginismus, and other Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder (GPPPD).

What does coaching with Sanaz look like?

Sessions are rooted in:

    • Critical self-inquiry
    • Radical self-compassion
    • 8-Limbed path of yoga

You are the expert of your life experiences and your body. This is your process, therefore we move at a pace that feels comfortable and safe for you.

Everyone is unique in their needs and experiences. Sessions will organically unfold and vary in techniques used. For example, some days we may primarily talk and practice grounding, other days we focus on yoga and journaling, and some days maybe breathwork and creative expression.

We will continually reflect on what approach feels most supportive.

My Role

My role is to hold space while gently challenging you continually return to yourself for the answers, to support you in implementing new self-care rituals, to remind you of your innate resilience as you work toward restoring safety, trust, and unabashed self-compassion into your life.

Together, we will work to heal wounds and alchemize pain and old wounds into action and purpose.

Coaching packages include:

75 to 90 minutes, weekly or bi-weekly.

Ongoing support in-between sessions via text/email. supporting you towards integrating the work into your everyday life.

Package offerings available.

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Remote Reiki healing may also be included in the packages.



Q Do you offer a sliding scale?

I certainly do. Please let me know in your email and we can discuss this further.

Additional Details

  • dryaghmai@outlook.com
  • She/Her
  • Farsi, English
  • Psychology Doctorate; Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher