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I teach folx how to activate courage and beat burnout. I’ll show you how to tune in and reconnect to your courage, power, and strength so that you can stop sacrificing your needs and desires + start transforming what’s in your heart into reality.

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Q I've never hired a coach before...

Coaching is still a pretty new concept so that totally makes sense that you’ve never worked with a coach before. There are few people offering this service with the focus and intention that I do. In fact, I never experienced coaching until I enrolled in a coaching certification program!

Once I knew what coaching was, and experienced how transformative it can be first-hand, I knew I was on the right path and doing what I wanted to be doing. What I love is that other services out there like therapy and counseling focus on the past and can keep you stuck in the wrong patterns of thought, while coaching is all about your future. I did therapy for years, and don’t get me wrong it helped me and it served its purpose, but I was looking for results.

I needed someone checking in on me, giving me detailed plans for what to do, making sure I wasn’t stuck in the wrong feelings or thoughts. They pushed me, started that fire in my belly again, and I overcame some pretty crazy challenging times. I want everyone I work with to have the same wonderful experience I had.

Q I'm not sure if this will work for me or my goals...

I get it. Coaching is a new concept and maybe I can answer some more questions for you and better explain how I work with my clients. Or maybe the idea of paying for something you can’t touch or hold in your hand is throwing you off… even though I’m willing to bet you have a Netflix account right? And you don’t get to keep those movies!

This is one of those investments you make in yourself first and foremost with your time and commitment. The dollar value is inconsequential, I mentioned Netflix, but maybe you have a gym membership you’re not using (no judgment!) or subscriptions for things you don’t consume. What you really need to pay with is your time, your hustle, your total commitment and faith in the process.

It works. I have a certification for this type of work, and I could sit here and outline in more detail how we’ll work together, I could show you testimonials and give you referrals, and all of these things will demonstrate that I can do what I do really well and be able to help you. But the real question is... are you in? Are you ready to do this work and follow all the way through?

If so, I'm here for all of it. I'm with you. This will absolutely work for your goals, I created this technique and this process so that you can repeat it over and over not just for this one goal, but for every goal that you'll ever have. I’m not just giving you fish, I’m teaching you how to fish, giving you the fishing rod and a lifetime supply of worms! So the question for right now is...Are you in?

Q What if I don't have enough time to commit to this...

John Assaraf, an international best selling author and behavioral expert says, “When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient; when you’re committed, you do whatever it takes.” I bet that however busy the week gets, you still find a way to catch an episode of your favorite show? Am I right? No judgment, I'm hooked on Game of Thrones too!

But it's literally my job to help you find the time to commit to this. Part of the work that we're going to do together is optimizing your entire workflow and energy flow so that we start to find ways of creating and cementing the time that you need to commit to yourself and to your goals and to your own ambitions.

By working together, I will be able to help you reach levels of personal commitment and growth you’ve never reached before on your own. AND, when the coaching is complete, you’ll be armed with knowing how to do this for yourself.

Q How do I know if I'm ready for this?

The right time is always right now.

There’s never a right time is just an excuse people use to stay stuck, you’ve probably used that excuse a thousand times before you landed on this page, right? And if we do the same things over and over we see the same results.

So…instead of turning right today, let’s turn left and see what happens. Let’s switch up your habits, your thinking, your routine and all those things that are keeping you stuck — and let’s make some real change happen. Based on what I’ve learned about you from this conversation, I think we have the answer right in front of you — you showed up. You’re asking the right questions and gathering all the right info. The fact that we’re here right now means that you have some clarity already about where you want to be and making that transition.

So why wait any longer? I’m here now, and the sooner we begin coaching, the sooner I can help you manifest everything you want, that when you’ll back a year from now and say “OMG I’m soooo glad I started when I did!”

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