B. Anderson – My Inside Voice: Somatic/Music Therapy + Herbal Medicine

This work is rooted in a unique combination of breath work, therapeutic focusing techniques, vocal and sound healing, and body awareness practices. We work together in 50-minute therapy sessions designed to increase your internal physical perception. With your body and your awareness as your guide, this work will support you in moving through the blockages that impede your clarity, stability, and power.

Modalities used in this alternative therapy practice are:

  • focusing therapy
  • breath work
  • somatic practice
  • voice and sound
  • plant medicine protocols
  • intuitive channeled guidance

Practice is genocidal trauma/trauma informed, gender expansive and led by a two-spirited/GNC black-native, Maroon.

Additional Details

  • Indigenous Focus Trauma Therapy(IFOT)/Sacred Vibes Apprentice - Karen Rose, Ayervedic Medicine - Dr. Naina Marballi
  • beaandersoninc@gmail.com
  • They/them
  • English
  • IFOT - Indigenous Focusing/Somatic Practice, Spiritual Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, BM in Music /Voice