I am an intuitive healing coach and I serve in my calling as a preceptor of self-development, spiritual practice, and vibrational alignment. Through my life experience, spiritual revelation, training, and work, my intention is to hold space for others on their path of healing, purpose and vibrational alignment, while supporting their empowerment in spiritual growth and self-mastery.

Healing Approach

My work focuses on client centered strength-based healing techniques through a transformational approach, which recognizes the client as their own healer, and focuses on the client’s ability to identify their strengths in order to vibrationally align with the solutions to their problems. Put simply, I hold space for your healing as you heal yourself.


I offer individual and group coaching sessions, individual energy healing sessions, group events, and private retreats. My signature coaching program, LEAD: An Energy Self-Mastery Program, supports women as they master their own energy and connect with their authentic intuitive guidance in order to heal, cultivate transformation, and live their lives on purpose.

If you are interested in working together, please complete my Offering Assessment.

Areas of Focus:

  • Spiritual Practice
  • Trauma-Informed Self-Care
  • Inner-Child Work
  • Energy Work
  • Energetic Plant and Herbal Practices
  • Intuitive Guidance and Channeling
  • Strength-Based Transformational Coaching
  • Intention/Goal Setting and Manifestation


Q What is self-mastery?

Self-mastery is the mastery of one's personal energy. It is the ability to practice affect regulation and have authority over one's emotions and reactivity to life's stressors. It is the power — the discipline and vision— to live a life that is vibrationally aligned to who you are on a soul level. Self-mastery is ultimately a deep knowing and understanding of yourself and an ability to advocate for your needs though integrity and truth.

Q What modality do you use?

I hold space for my clients as they heal themselves. Holding space is a modality that healers use to bring their client into a vibration that is aligned with healing. As our journeys are deeply personal, it is our own responsibility to heal, learn, grow, and become the best version of ourselves possible. As a healer, I have done and continue to do this self-work, and I hold space for others as they transition between where they are and where they want to be. As I coach, I use motivational interviewing practices and encourage clients to complete self-work assignments and offer resources — including but not limited to book assignments, plant and herbal energy practices, spiritual practice, and trauma-informed self-care. As a channel, I use my intuitive abilities and connection with Spirit to bring forth clear messages, offering clients intuitive insight and compassionate support. Self-work can be a challenging process and knowing there are compassionate spaces being held for us may offer us the encouragement to carry on.

Q What is an intuitive healing coach?

As an intuitive healing coach, I am a healer who consults with my intuition to compliment the coaching modalities I present to my clients. I am extra-sensory and receive deep intuitive guidance that flows from Spirit through me as a channel. I am devoted to spiritual practice and honor the Divine in the work that I do.

Q Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Absolutely. Please include that you would like to discuss sliding scale rates when contacting me for a session.

Q What is the best way to contact you for services?

I ask that potential clients complete my Offering Assessment, linked above.

Additional Details

  • iamangeladavisl@gmail.com
  • She/Her
  • English
  • B.A Sociology; Certified Life Coach