sign up has two primary steps 1) sign up for account 2) + your listing.  from the homepage click the + in top right corner and create a username/password, & sign in.  next, complete profile & update, this will allow you to use the same username/password each time to make edits as needed.  now to the fun part!  to add your listing, go to upper right corner of profile page, click + listing, select $15 month plan (auto renewal is suggested to ensure there are no interruptions with your listing).  sign in as returning user and complete listing form/add your photo.  please include specialty areas (e.g. womxn’s issues, trauma informed, lgbtquia+ inclusive, etc.) in description of services.  next, review terms of use, save & preview.  your post will be live 24-48 hours after submission!

as healers & space holders we are always evolving and trust that your practice will also!  edit your profile any time by logging in. use the same username & password you created at sign up to log in and make your edits.  if you did not create an account and instead, only added a listing, not to worry, you can back track.  using the same email connected to your listing, follow the steps in the previous question about creating a kindred medicine account/profile and your profile and listing will be connected.  edits will be live 24-48 hours after updates are submitted.

we have set a monthly investment amount of $15.  we see this as an investment in the self of the healer, the medicine, and the collective intentions of this movement to reclaim our traditions & decolonize our healing.  we have considered the potential tensions this may pose for healers in “advertising” traditional practices. we understand that this may not be aligned with your practice and respect this as an option.  please know that in the spirit of decolonizing our healing, we are sensitive to the language being used to define this platform and in navigating the delicateness of bridging traditions in a modern world.  

this is an old school value for a new school movement.  since kindred medicine does not employ a vetting process to create a profile, we are asking that all healers practice the values of honesty & integrity in the ways they represent themselves, modalities, and scope of practice.  we are boldly and unapologetically defining this space for healers/people of color and urgently request that that is respected.

the beautiful thing about starting a movement is that we don’t know where it will take us.  we are fully embracing these unknowns. we encourage you to support these intentions by inviting fellow trusted healers of color (refer a healer pop-up on our homepage) to join us and sharing with communities of color.  we look forward to hearing your amazing stories of healing and beyond. please tag us @kindredmedicine on the gram and use #kindredmedicine to keep us close!

here. additionally, please consider offering community members a consultation to support empowered and informed healing choices.

please get acquainted with kindred medicine’s terms & conditions and privacy policy to ensure responsible use of the directory.  stay close via social media (contact page) platforms as we grow in community and solidarity.

kindred medicine upholds the value of holistic healing – mind, body, heart, & spirit for the self and on the community level.  one of the ways in which our healing has been disrupted is through the message/conditioning that we have to compete with one another to survive. kindred medicine is taking a stance against the energy of competition and instead sparking liberation by joining together.  we understand that there is likely to be some overlap in practitioners given the nature of holistic healing and multi-credentialed providers.  kindred medicine uplifts the abundant resources available for mental health needs specifically including therapy for black girls, latinx therapy, melanin & mental health, and therapy for latinx.  keep us posted on any aligned mental health resources we’re missing out on!