the story.

you know the story.

the one where beautiful people try desperately to hold onto their identities & sacred practices amidst centuries of genocide, oppression, and racism.  

the story where beautiful people dilute or even forget their traditions as a means of surviving.

you know this story.

the part where these same sacred traditions and rich cultures are appropriated and capitalized upon.

the hardest part of the story perhaps is in recognizing the deep impact of forgetting or abandoning the wisdom of our ancestors.  but every great story has a plot twist.  

in our story, the plot twist is in remembering who we are, in decolonizing our belief systems, and in profoundly healing.

 the plot twist is in changing the narrative together.

Ase’ & so it is.

kindred medicine.

kindred medicine is a movement of healers & people of color, remembering and healing

boldly in community and from the roots.